Friday, January 16, 2009

the answer to your question

I guess,
I guess I thought
there would be real conversation
not a badly hidden tease or a
taunt with twisted tongue

but a genuine interest
a care what i thought of
you know, some genuine interest
like it was before

and I suppose, naively,
I thought there was a basis
for a real and meaningful feeling-
and a hope for something more...

ah, but i'm a little flawed, aren't I?
a little not perfect
but a really good subject
for this game of cat a mouse we're in.

a little too tangible
a mite unconventionally conventional
couldn't sit me at the cool kids table
you know, where all the cut outs live?

but you can pull me out when you need me,
yeah, i'll be here when you need me...
and I won't dare call attention
to our one sided arrangement.

I will be your convenient inconvenience
your puppet; pull my string
I will do the dance for you
and do it with a smile.

for awhile.

but in the end, there will be nothing left.
i will say this now, because i see it
there will be nothing left
and i suspect you won't even miss it.

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